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3DS Max Text tutorial

Thanks to Flow3D








Flow3d: "I will expect a basic knowledge of max and the ability to finger your own ass", 'cause this is how hard this tutorial will be.

Start Max and read along...

n00b 01

First click on the "Shapes" logo, it's found in the "Command Panel" on the right of your screen.

n00b 02

Click "Text" in the "Object Type" group.

n00b 03

Type the text you want to create in the "Text:" area. I typed in "n00b", the default is "MAX text". After that click in the perspective viewport.

n00b 04

You should have somthing looking like this

n00b 05

Click on the rainbow tab in your "Command Panel", this will select the "Modify Panel".
Now choose "Extrude" from the "Modifier List".

n00b 06

Set the extrude "Amount:" to 10.




You finished this very hard tutorial!
I hope you enjoyed it.

Here is the result that I got, the only thing I did more is slapping a texture to it!
And using the Brazil renderer with a groudplane...